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ExHale Homegrown CO2 Bag

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Exhale Homegrown CO2 Bag

The process of photosynthesis in plants uses a series of steps and reactions that uses sunlight, water, and carbon dioxide to make organic compounds and oxygen. Plants uses energy from light to synthesize or make their own food source. Many times people think they are feeding their plants by putting it in soil, watering it, and or placing the plant in sun, but none of the three actions are actually considered food for the plants. Plants uses sunlight, water, and the gases in the air to make sugar (glucose) that the plant needs to survive. Plants that grows indoor under artificial lighting often lack CO2 (carbon dioxide) to efficiently photosynthesize.

The ExHales are designed to provide for the lack of CO2 for the plants that are specifically grown indoors. It varies from small to medium grow spaces, providing 4 to 6 plants with the CO2 they need to release oxygen. Exhale can be used for both vegetative plant growth as well as for fruit and flowers.

There is no need to turn it on or turn it off, simply place desired ExHale in your grow space and leave it alone to do its job. There would be a continuous shower of CO2 directly onto your plants and is the most efficient way to deliver the CO2 they need 24 hours a day for up to six month! When plants are able to maximize the process of photosynthesis, the results are larger plants with larger yields.


Please Note: Exhale Original comes Premixed and Exhale 365 comes unmixed.